Passing the Time

Living in a far off corner of India for the past few weeks has been a very refreshing break from cell phones, the internet (except if we venture to the CRD office in the evening), and digital distractions in general. So, how have we been entertaining ourselves in the cool yet humid evenings? Most recently, our CROSS WORD PUZZLE ADDICTION. We started out with the one from an English language newspaper, and relied on Jaswanth to bridge the cultural gap for clues about cricket or Bollywood celebrities. Our downfall was when Jess brought out a book of 150 puzzles — the clues aren’t very cerebral, but we’ve been enjoying them and ripping through at an alarming pace. Group puzzling is the perfect accompaniment to our delicious Indian breakfast that pretty much amounts to fried dough (pori bhagi), sugary sweet coffee, and some rather spicy omelettes (amounting to $2-3 total). I should also add that we’ve got a bit of a book club going on — special thanks to Syd for the miniature library she brought along with her 🙂 We’ve been passing around the Hunger Games series, The Da Vinci Code, Sing You Home, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Little Princes, The Fellowship of the Ring, and Tom Sawyer among others — resulting in some pretty spirited discussions.

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