Today we ate dinner at a local restaurant called Nagameez. The food was delicious, but more spicy than some of us are used to. Sydney and I just realized that we never introduced our team, so here’s a picture of us all at Nagameez tonight.

Front (L to R): Jaswanth Madhavan ’13, course 1A and 11; Gwyn Jones, instructor, Jeff Carothers ’14, course 2.

Back (L to R): Jessica Ong ’15, course 2 or 6, Sydney Beasley ’14, course 1; Luke Plummer ’14, course 2; Micaela Wiseman ’13, course 6.

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One Response to Nagameez

  1. Beez says:

    Were there any…um, “unorthodox” meats on the menu today?

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